Danny Boyle getting ready for summer games

Boyle excited about ceremony

By Mark Hodge (doddleNEWS)

Oscar winning director Danny Boyle says that being in charge of the opening ceremony for this summer’s Olympic games in London is a delicious prospect.

But, while London will try and achieve something exceptional with their show, the organisers have insisted they will not even try and emulate the Beijing ceremony which cost a reported $100million.

With an estimated 1-billion viewers expected to the tune from all over the world, Boyle is relishing the challenge of making a unique and magical show.

He said: “We going to try and make it as involving and personal as possible.

“The pressure of a live event is delicious. On a purely egotistical level that is what’s exciting about this. Can you deliver and show what you capable of?”

Whilst keeping tight lipped on exact details, the Slumdog Millionaire director has indicated that parts of the show will reflect Shakespeare, the National Health Service and Britain’s unique sense of humor.

More exciting news is that when Boyle goes back to his day job as a film maker it will be to complete the Trance, which marks his reuniting with Scottish writer John Hodge.

The two worked together on such classics as Shallow Grave and Trainspotting, and while Boyle has went on to win an Oscar, he has arguably never emulated that success.

Trance will star James McAvoy, who replaced his fellow X-Men:First Class co star Michael Fassbender in the title role, as an auction house worker who concocts an art heist.

Rosoario Dawson and Vincent Cassel will also star. Filming took place last year and Boyle will resume post production duties after the Summer games.

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